Brilliant Ideas to Decorate Room with Room Dividers

Brilliant Ideas to Decorate Room with Room Dividers
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May 23, 2011

For those who lived in a small house, flat, or a studio apartment, there is an easy way for decorate room in case to make their living home looks larger and spare some available space efficiently by segmenting the oversize rooms into several spaces which can use for different purposes with decorative room dividers. For example, if you had a large space for kitchen, it would be more effective if we could split this plain kitchen room into cooking space and dining space.

There are so many reason for splitting or sharing our oversize rooms as well as we planned the great room decoration. It would be useful for defining some particular area in the same room, separating some area which couldn’t reach by kids, and managing how to spare the lighting position so that we could spend the electricity more effectively. This would give a sense of uniqueness for our house by arranging each position of the space on rooms for several uses. It will bring the comfortable atmosphere inside by correct positioning, and you can give some classy sense for your house by choosing the room dividers as well.

There are numerous room dividers can be used for enhance the decorative room. Some of them were listed below, feel free to know and choose them with your personal needs for decorate room. At least, use your own creativity to decorate your rooms and build up your own beautiful house.

Types of Room Dividers

Brilliant Ideas to Decorate Room with Creative Room Dividers 1 Brilliant Ideas to Decorate Room with Room DividersYou can use room dividers permanently, or improving it and also placed them as flexible as you think. It depends on your own needs and personal purposes.

Permanent room dividers usually form as a half shape wall, whether on its height or width. you can imagined it like an unfinished dividing wall which not fully build and stick with the ceiling, it has an open space on the upper side. You can choose this permanent dividers in case that you never want  to decorate a room next time. You can also use anything as room dividers for segmenting your room into several areas. For example, if you stick the shelf in a wall it will bring you the wider space as well. You could do this set up decorate room method when you want to divide a bedroom into a sleeping area with bed on one side and a study area with this shelf which filled with your books and other things on the other side.

Shelf, cupboard, and other furniture can be used for simple alternate room dividers. They can be as useful as the low wall to dividing a bedroom or any others. The large bookshelves were recommended at this condition.

You can also use the ornamental plants as the alternate room dividers. There are palm trees, bamboos, various crotons and many decorative plants can be used for. If you think about wonderful or beautiful decoration to make these room dividers more attracting, you can use an exotic, rare, unique and high class plants which may cost a lot of bucks. It will look lovely if these plants placed in pot and put them on a wooden frame.

Ornamental Plant for Decorate Room1 Brilliant Ideas to Decorate Room with Room DividersYou can also put the plants or even ornamental vine on wooden or metal trellis. The hanging plant pots from roof would add some artistic values too. They all will bring the beautiful impression of the room designing if you did the correct positioning and matched the combination between these two different sides in your room.

Flexible Room Dividers

Screen Room Divider for Decorate Room1 Brilliant Ideas to Decorate Room with Room DividersFor flexible room dividers, some peoples mostly used panels and screen. These panels can be made of various materials and it was movable, it can be slide or folded as well was you wish. Their flexibility can be controlled with various combinations or placing all over the space within your room. They can be suitable for any kind of your decorative ideas. For example, you can decorate your room with Asian taste by using bamboo printed paper screens. This bamboo printed paper screens can give a modern looking and it’s also an attractive room dividers.

You can design your own room with historical touch by using some antiques or fake ancient screens which made of wood. For another unique decorating stuff, embroidered fabrics were a good choice too. You can adjust the design of these embroidered fabrics with the wallpapers in your room for suitable decor. And it could replace by another designs so that you can easily change the variety of your decoration. Screens and panels would also allow you to manage the lighting spot on your separated areas in your room.

There is a curtain which can be good flexible room dividers. It’s easy to set. You have to hang a rod on the upper side of your room and just put it on easily. When they’re already set, you’ve just have to open or close the curtain to separate or merge the room. And It could set the look of the whole room. You can choose any variables materials, designs, and colors of that curtains to create the unique looks.

Glass room dividers could be another type for segmenting your room, and it can be used to create a physical barrier for separating one side with another in the same room. Glass room dividers which contain mirror form can give the fake vision of a large space within your room because it would look as the room was more larger than it’s original size. These glass room dividers would be a perfect choice for small room decorating.

Another objects for room dividers can be made by using the common things or usual object that probably hasn’t it based function for segmenting rooms such as painted cardboard, pictures, and many more. It depends on your choice and your creative minds. If these stuffs can be correctly assembled, you can create a screen, panel, or any kind of dividers with attractive and also artistic decorate room.

The lamps could be used for segmenting a room too. You can place the floor lamp only strategically or combine it with other room dividers. The light spot from the lamp can point directly several areas which segmented in the same room and it gives artistic sense on your room aesthetically.

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Tina July 27, 2011 at 4:01 am

I like the way you can decorate your room divider to take on the look of the decor in your room. I also like the idea of using glass/mirrored dividers to give the illusion of a larger space.


noerrana July 28, 2011 at 5:34 pm

Thank you Tina. Hope this idea could inspired you to decorate your room. Check also others article for more decorate tips and inspiration. Hope you enjoy all we provide. gd luck..


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Nice blog design and nice topic. Maybe all of your original ideas about decorating can be usefully for me someday.



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